Picture Manager For Excel Version 2.0

Picture Manager For Excel is an add-in software that provides a necessary control when working with images in Microsoft Excel.

Insert Picture into Excel Cell
Excel Picture in Cell

Single Excel Spreadsheet Image Insertion

Insert pictures in Excel, regardless of how you have merged the cells within your spreadsheet by selecting the pictures or by referencing the file name of the image somewhere on the worksheet (limit: the number of lines available in Excel).

Insert Pictures into Excel

Multiple Excel Spreadsheet Image Insertion

Import images to Excel, regardless of how many Excel workbooks you need to populate by referencing the file name of the image somewhere on the worksheet (no limit) or by using the Excel file name as the reference to the picture (no limit).

Excel Delete Pictures

Excel Spreadsheet Image Removal

Instantly remove all images from Excel worksheet or multiple Excel workbooks, also available in the free demo.

Export Image Excel

Excel Spreadsheet Image Extraction

Bulk export and extract all images from Excel column or row associated with text from a column of your choosing.

Picture Manager For Excel is intuitive and user-friendly add-in for Microsoft Excel, designed primarily for business users to assist the ability to extract or insert (automatically sized to fit cells) multiple images from or into single and multiple Excel spreadsheets at once. Additional advantageous features include: removal of all pictures from individual or several Excel documents with just a few clicks. As well as writing extension-less file names to any cell, save images associated with file names from any cell into a folder.

While Microsoft Excel is not considered to be the quickest method to create distributable product catalogs and brochures, it remains very popular. Many businesses and corporations all over the world rely on spreadsheets for picture quotes to communicate via email to their customers and vendors. Picture Manager For Excel ensures reliable cross-platform compatibility by not simply linking the images to spreadsheets rather utilizing the embed function. As you may already know, this process is quite time-consuming especially when working with more than few images; as importing, and especially re-sizing, is done manually with one picture at a time. Saving images individually by entering the file name is equally as tedious. Picture Manager For Excel eliminates the laborious task of image integration and extraction associated with Excel spreadsheets. Picture Manager For Excel is the assistant you never had, till now!